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Dr. Khaja Siddiqui, DDS

Dr. Khaja Siddiqui is a general dentist and a member of the Ontario Dental Association. He graduated in 2007 and has vast experience in dentistry.
Dr. Siddiqui previously worked in Northern Manitoba. In 2016, he began practicing dentistry in many parts of Northern Ontario, including Wawa and Massey, before settling in Sudbury. He was able to serve diverse communities while keeping patient satisfaction a top priority. In 2019, Dr. Siddiqui began working at Sudbury Dental Clinic and has proudly served the Greater Sudbury Area since.

What Dr. Siddiqui values most about his profession is his ability to provide quality dentistry to people of different backgrounds and foster mutual trust and respect with the people of the North.

Although he enjoys all areas of dentistry, Dr. Siddiqui specializes in restorative dentistry, endodontics, surgery, and pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Siddiqui cares for his patients and strongly believes in providing highly individualized care to each person that enters the clinic. He typically goes the extra mile for his patients, always aiming to provide them with the tools to lead a healthy, confident life with a big smile 😊.

When he is not caring for patients in the clinic, Dr. Siddiqui enjoys travel, reading, and playing soccer with his friends and children. He loves Sudbury’s waterfront and taking his family on road trips.

Dr Khaja Siddiqui Sudbury Dental Clinic Dentists

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